After spending the afternoon watching Frozen, my daughter turned to me and asked if I could make Olaf for dinner.

I obliged and set myself the task of making Olaf rice balls!

How to make Olaf rice balls

1 cup Sushi Rice cooked
1 sheet Nori Paper
Slice of Carrot
Candy Eyes
Pretzel Sticks

Cook the rice via the absorption method – 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water. I cook mine in a Rice Cooker but on the stove is fine aswell, just follow the instructions on the packet. 
Create three rice balls – two oval (bottom needs to be bigger than the head) and one small round (body) rice balls. 
When using Sushi Rice either use Clingfilm to mold the balls or wet your hands as it will stop the rice sticking to your hands.
Cut out a mouth, three circles (for the buttons) and slice of hair from the Nori Paper
Slice the carrot into a triangle
Assemble Olaf.

Olaf rice balls


As my first attempt at making Olaf from Frozen, I am happy my daughter recognised that it was Olaf!


Olaf Rice Balls Bento

 Will you try your hand at making the Olaf Rice Balls?