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 Leakproof Lunchboxes and Bento Accessories in Australia

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Little Bento World’s passion and specialty is to support and encourage parents to create healthy meals for the whole family.

Our range of popular lunchboxes in Australia like the Leakproof Yumbox, EasyLunchboxes, Leakproof Lunchboxes, Sandwich Cutters, Reusable Yoghurt Pouches, Rice Molds, Egg Moulds and accessories that will help you encourage your children to eat healthy meals.
Our products will help you create school lunches that are “waste free” and bring excitement to their lunchtime.

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I asked the kids what they would like to do over the next three days on holidays - 3 at home and 2 out and about! #schoolholidays #funthingstodowithkids #funthingstodo #perthholidays #perthschoolholidays #freefunwithkids #soperth #winterholidays


Picked up some kids activities for us to do this holidays when the weather is yucky! Wool for weaving Jacks - teach the kids hand coordination Drawing and Dot to Dots Books Puppet making


Ready for a big laugh tonight with my hubby! We’re watching the Perth Premiere of @stubermovie - out Thursday- definitely a date night movie!! 🎥🍿 Big thanks to @kinn_and_co @20thcenturyfox_au and @eventinnaloo for the invite! 💖💖


Character Snackboxes - Pack of 3 - Little Bento World


Our Icecream Van Divider Plate is super cute and perfect for a birthday present!⠀ ⠀


Make breakfast scary-good with our Egg Monster bread cutter. You can instantly form a perfectly shaped toast frame just the right size to fry up an egg and make him look like Mike from Monsters Inc!⠀ ⠀


Fuel Snack and Dip container is great for snacks – vegetables, fruit, crackers, trail mix and dip⠀ Practical, small and handy – fits in your pocket or lunch bag for a quick snack on the go!⠀ ⠀ It comes with both a snack and dippling compartment! Complete with a spreader which attaches to the lid for safe storage and use.⠀ Order yours today:


🌟 SCHOOL HOLIDAY CHALLENGE 🌟 The kids and I have created a School Holiday Bingo list to mark off over the next two weeks! Join our challenge - hashtag #littlebentoworld Screenshot this to your phone to mark off and tag us when you’re out there having fun with the kids! Have Fun!!


See why it is Ecococoon Water Bottle is the ultimate water bottle for school kids!⠀ ✅Leak free bottle!⠀ ✅Spill proof with our Cocooncap.⠀ ✅Vacuum insulated ⠀ ✅Condensation free.⠀ ✅Hygienic and easy to clean.⠀ ⠀ This is our favourite Drink Bottle


Now these Animal Food Cups create a unique bento lunch! Popping little items like edamame, raisins, mini marshmallows, or trail mix inside these cups will create a pop of colour next to your sandwich! ⠀


Along with a SSHH at the kids in the back! #yes 📷 by @notyouraveragefirstlady


Create little faces of your children with our Little People's Rice Molds! ⠀ Surprise them in their lunchbox!⠀