Needing inspiration for your bento lunches? We love to look at the upcoming celebrations and funny days of the year to inspire us when creating our lunches!

This week’s days are:

Monday 12th March – Napping Day | Baked Scallops Day | Girl Scouts Day | Plant a Flower Day
Tuesday 13th March – Ken Day | Earmuffs Day | Organise your Home Office Day | Coconut Torte Day | Jewel Day
Wednesday 14th March – Potato Chip Day | Pi Day | No Smoking Day | Science Education Day 
Thursday 15th March – World Speech Day | True Confessions Day 
Friday 16th March – World Sleep Day | Panda Day | Freedom of Information Day | No Selfies Day 
Saturday 17th March – Saint Patrick’s Day | Corn Dog Day | Quilting Day 
Sunday 18th March – Biodiesel Day | Awkward Moments Day | Forgive Mum & Dad Day

If you do create a bento lunch on a theme we’d love to see them! Share them at our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.