Needing inspiration for your bento lunches? We love to look at the upcoming celebrations and funny days of the year to inspire us when creating our lunches!

This weeks days are:

Monday 3rd April – Find a Rainbow Day / Chocolate Mousse Day / World Party Day
Tuesday 4th April – World Rat Day / Vitamin C Day / World Stray Animals Day
Wednesday 5th April – Star Trek First Contact Day / Day of Hope / Caramel Day
Thursday 6th April – Caramel Popcorn Day / Army Day / Tell a Lie Day / Tartan Day
Friday 7th April – Beaver Day / Walk to Work Day / No Housework Day / World Health Day
Saturday 8th April – Zoo Lovers Day
Sunday 9th April – Winston Churchill Day / Name Yourself Day

If you do create a bento lunch on a theme we’d love to see them! Share them at our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.