Needing inspiration for your bento lunches? We love to look at the upcoming celebrations and funny days of the year to inspire us when creating our lunches!

This weeks days are:

Monday 4th December – Dice Day | World Wildlife Conservation Day | Cookie Day | Wear Brown Shoes Day
Tuesday 5th December – World Soil Day | Sachertorte Day | International Ninja Day
Wednesday 6th December – Put on your own Shoes Day | Miners’ Day | St. Nicholas Day | Microwave Oven Day
Thursday 7th December – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day | Cotton Candy Day
Friday 8th December – Lost & Found Day | Brownie Day | Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day
Saturday 9th December – Christmas Card Day | Gingerbread Decoration Day | Pastry Day 
Sunday 10th December  – Human Rights Day | World Choral Day | Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

If you do create a bento lunch on a theme we’d love to see them! Share them at our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.