Needing inspiration for your bento lunches? We love to look at the upcoming celebrations and funny days of the year to inspire us when creating our lunches!

This weeks days are:

Monday 7th August – Lighthouse Day | Professional Speakers Day | Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day | Elvis Week
Tuesday 8th August – Bowling Day | International Cat Day | Odie Day | Scottish Wildcat Day | Meat Free Week
Wednesday 9th August – International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples | Book Lovers Day | Melon Day
Thursday 10th August – Lazy Day | World Lion Day | Duran Duran Appreciation Day | S’mores Day
Friday 11th August  – Play in the Sand Day | Son & Daughter Day 
Saturday 12th August – World Elephant Day | Garage Sale Day | Vinyl Record Day | International Youth Day | Middle Child’s Day
Sunday 13th August  – International Lefthanders Day | Filet Mignon Day

If you do create a bento lunch on a theme we’d love to see them! Share them at our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.