So on Saturday night I went to my friend’s wedding.. I have known him since I was 16 years old (15 years) and his wife for 4 years. 
I was in highschool reunion mode! The guys that went were all my friends from highschool – so it was a fabulous catchup! And a beautiful wedding!!

I was so nervous about what to wear.. so I decided to stepped out of my comfort zone and colour blocked!! Purple Dress, Black retro stockings and a green clutch not to mention my black Mary Jane heels.. )which use to see me for the last train of the night in London!!)

And I rocked it!! (if I don’t say so myself!)

These are the boys I went to Highschool with. 
Bride and Groom
Windswept me and the boys
Wishing well going towards their garden!

Drew and I
Julia landed on my doorstep in the UK for Australia Day 2008
Bride and I
She is one of my closest friends
More boys from highschool!! 
Ahh Tony.. He is the wine guru!!

Me and Asher
Asher landed on my doorstep in the UK 

with $50 in his pocket in 2006
and lived in my house in the UK for 2 years. 

He’s crazy!!
No idea what Drew is doing.. he wasn’t hurt.. 
just drunk!
Feeding each other cake.. 
since we never did it at our own wedding!

Me and the Groom.. he’s such an awesome guy!!
The beautiful friend that understands 
what blogging means to me
I am a dancing diva!!
Showing everyone how to do the box dance!
This was the last dance of the night…

I don’t look that bad for midnight… 
do I??

Do you like to dance like crazy at weddings? Pulling out all the moves? Can you last the night like you were a teenager again? Or are the hangovers 100x as bad with children now!

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