Freezable Apple, Cinnamon and Date Muffins

If you are after a simple but tasty muffin for lunchbox fillers, then this might be a great recipe to try! These freezable Apple, Cinnamon and Date muffins were a big hit with my family, and I’m sure yours will love them just as much.

These muffins aren’t overly sweet and rely on the plump fruit to give a punch of flavour that makes these muffins a hit. The fat, moreish chunks of apple and date really make these muffins the tasty treat that will have children asking for more time and again.

Here is what you’ll need to make these scrumptious muffins:

You’ll need some eggs, milk, canola or vegetable oil, plain flour, coconut sugar, apples, dates, cinnamon, vanilla essence, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

Preheat the oven and line a muffin tray with paper cases. Then whisk the oil, eggs, milk, vanilla essence and coconut sugar together until creamy. Add most of the pitted and chopped dates and apple pieces and stir to combine. In a separate bowl, sift together the flour, bicarb soda, baking powder and cinnamon, then fold into the wet mixture.

Spoon into muffin cases, top with reserved apple and date pieces and bake for twenty five minutes or until a metal skewer inserted into a muffin comes out clean. That’s all there is to it!

How easy is that?

You can buy fresh dates individually in the produce section at most supermarkets, and you only need about five or six to make these muffins. They’ll only set you back a couple of dollars that way. You can use any apples you have on hand, and whatever oil you prefer, but avoid using extra virgin olive oil as it has a strong savoury flavour. You could also substitute regular white sugar for the coconut sugar if you want to.

These muffins freeze beautifully for up to three months if kept in an airtight container or zip-lock bag, making the perfect lunch box snack.

We hope your family enjoy these muffins as much as ours did!

Freezable Apple Cinnamon and Date Muffins
Yields 12
These delicious muffins make the perfect freezable lunch box fillers!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
35 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
35 min
  1. 1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil
  2. 3 eggs
  3. 1/2 cup milk of choice
  4. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  5. 1/2 cup coconut sugar
  6. 2 red apples, cored and chopped into small pieces
  7. 1/2 cup fresh pitted dates, chopped
  8. 3 tsp baking powder
  9. 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  10. 1 tsp cinnamon
  11. 1 1/2 cups plain flour
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees fan forced. Line a 12 hole 1/3 cup muffin tray with paper cases.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together oil, eggs, milk, vanilla essence and coconut sugar until creamy.
  3. Add 3/4 of the dates and apple and stir to combine.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine and sieve the baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon and flour, then fold into wet mixture.
  5. Pour into prepared muffin tray and top with remaining apple and dates.
  6. Bake for 25 minutes or until a metal skewer inserted into a muffin comes out clean. Cool in pan for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack.
  1. These muffins will keep in an airtight container in the pantry for up to five days, or in the freezer for up to three months.
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