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We had an early start.. purely because we get up early with the lil squirts and never sleep in.. I actually found it hard to sleep past 7am.. so i got up and sat in the lounge until sleepyhead Drew was awake..

Drew always has cereal for breakfast
I enjoy a cooked breakfast when I can!
minus the carbs 🙁
spoilt myself for 2nds of smoked salmon and mozzarella with tomatoes and balsmaic vinegar!!
The swimming pool looked gorgeous but a lil too cold to swim! 
The top bar area had a lovely water feature overlooking the pool and the ocean.
Drew made this photo look cool (so he said!)

He thought I was taking a photo of as bottom.. ok so I was..
we’re on our honeymoon!
Look who paid us a visit at 9am on our Honeymoon!
Someone *IT WAS DREW!!!* forgot to turn off the lights and the Sat Nav
And nope I am never going to let this one go – it was all Drew’s fault and he will never live it down!
Drive through Margaret River past our favourite pub/hotel
My friend Asher (who lived with me in the UK) use to be the manager here.
Our favourite honey meadery
Having a Cowaramup Brewery tasting
Drew decided he wanted to collect the big jugs 
Nope I didn’t drink any of these.. Responsible driver
(unlike husband who left the lights on and we had to call the RAC!)
Uhmm it was actually a REALLY yummy bbq pizza!!!
I am eating an Emu
Cheeky Monkey Brewery
Cheeky Monkey Beer and Cider
Newest brewery in Margaret River

House of Cards – Yup I am pigeon-toed
Relaxing with a Ruski and cheese n biscuits

Cleaning the sand out of the bath so we could use it!

And this is where I leave you…
as the rest of the honeymoon is between Drew and I 🙂 *wink wink*

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