Ahh the world of school and Kindy Orientation Day!
Standing at the front door, taking a photo of my daughter on her first day of Kindergarten, I think I was more excited than my daughter!
Perhaps it was because she would be attending my Primary school and my Kindergarten classroom.
For me it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane! For her, it was a big step into the world of being a big girl! Leaving her baby brother at home and going off to school was exciting for both of us!

Kindy Orientation - What to pack for lunch - Little Bento World

Kindy Orientation Lunchbox Questions to ask!

At Kindy Orientation Day I asked two important questions.
Do we pack our own lunches for the children
: Yes
Do we need to bring morning tea and afternoon tea: No it was provided by the school – they will have fruit time in the morning and crackers and cheese in the afternoon.
I found out that other schools request you bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea.
Children want to eat a quick lunch and then play!

Kindy Orientation - What to pack for lunch - Little Bento World

Making the same lunch every day can be a bit tedious – especially since we have approximately 200 days of school a year.
Times that by 8 primary school years (including Pre-Primary and Kindergarten)  
That is aproximately 1500 school lunches we need to make in our children’s primary school life.

Mixing it up a little with a different lunchbox or sandwich cutters can help make the school lunches fun, healthy and inviting to eat every day!

Choosing the right lunchbox:
Do they like a sandwich every day? Choose a 4 or less compartment lunchbox – like the Yumbox Panino, EasyLunchboxes or Little Lunchbox Co Bento 3
Do they like to have lots of nibbles every day? Choose a 5 or 6 compartment lunchbox – like the Yumbox Original, Little Lunchbox Co Bento 5 or Rainebeau.
These will help you pack the right lunches every day for your child.

My top tips I learnt when my daughter went to Kindy which I carried on through now we are in Year 3 for my daughter and Year 2 for my son.

  • Write a list of each child’s favourite sandwich toppings, fruit, vegetables and snacks – Check out our Printables for your fridge.
  • Pre-cut fruit and vegetables and pop them in airtight containers in the fridge the night before.
  • Dip fruit like apples and banana’s in citrus juice (like apple or orange juice) or soda water to prevent browning.
  • Bake in bulk and freeze savoury and sweet muffins, scrolls, pikelets, scones for quick lunchbox snacks.
  • Chill cooked foods (like hard boiled eggs) before packing the lunchbox.
  • Pack leftovers straight into the lunchbox the night before (corn cobs, pasta).
  • Cut food into appropriate bite size pieces to encourage maximum food is eaten in the limited time they get eat.
  • Choose an insulated lunchbag that will hold an icepack, lunchbox and morning tea, to keep everything cool for several hours.
  • Choose an easy to open but leak-proof water bottle. In summer months add ice cubes or freeze and wrap in a tea towel.
  • Ensure they can open and close their lunchbox – as lunches won’t get eaten if they can’t open their lunchbox.

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