Having a Lunchbox Planner in our household is a huge part of our routine! I own two businesses (Little Bento World and My Lil Pouch – Reusable Food Pouches) plus working for a brewery and studying to become an Educational Teaching Assistant – plus P&C President and running the Breakfast club at my kids school. Planning for Lunches during the week is a BIG must for me!

This is where the School Lunchbox Planner comes in handy!

It also helps me meal prep for dinner and also the next days lunch!

–>> Download your Lunchbox Planner HERE <<–

Lunchbox Planner - little Bento World - Australia

By planning ahead, you can make sure that your child’s lunch box has each of the six key items of a healthy lunchbox.

  • fresh fruit
  • fresh crunchy vegetables
  • milk, yoghurt or cheese – For children who cannot tolerate milk products, offer appropriate alternatives like calcium fortified soy or rice drink, or soy yoghurt.
  • a meat or meat alternative food like some lean meat (for example, chicken strips), hard boiled eggs, hummus or peanut butter. If your school has a nut-free policy, peanut butter and other nuts should not be included in your child’s lunchbox.
  • a grain or cereal food like a sandwich, a roll, flat bread, fruit bread or crackers (wholegrain or wholemeal choices are always best)
  • fresh tap water.

You can also plan ahead by stocking up on Sunday Night with hard boiled eggs, cut up fruit and vegetables and cheese, and do a bake-a-thon!!

Our Lunchbox Planner is a great way to help you get started with planning healthier school bento lunches.
Now that you’re on the right track, try mixing and matching food ideas to make lunch boxes varied and interesting.

Why not try some of our muffin and slices recipes?

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