Lunch Boxes

A compartment Bento Leakproof Lunch Box are perfect for school lunches in Australia. Little Bento World is based in Australia with our extensive online store as well as a retail shop based in Perth.
From your Japanese traditional to modern compartment lunch boxes for Kindy and School, choosing one of our compartment Bento Lunch Box is a great way to encourage healthy eating in school lunches.
Our most popular lunchboxes are the leakproof Yumbox Original and Panino, our EasyLunchboxes and Shikiri. No more soggy sandwiches!

How to choose the right Lunch Box for your children:

All you need to do is answer these questions:
Are they a sandwich person or are they a nibbler? That way you’ll know how many compartments you need in your lunchbox!
Do you need it to be leakproof? Are you going to put yoghurt in your lunchbox next to your sandwich or will you use a reusable food pouch?