Food Picks

Bento food picks in Australia are a fast way to decorate your bento lunches. These are one of the easiest bento tools to use and they come in an endless array of designs and themes, Little Bento World has a massive range and each variety will increase the cuteness “kawaii” of your lunchbox! They are just what they sound like; toothpicks with a decoration on top.

I love popping eyes onto cherry tomatoes or strawberries to look like the movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. Or Using the alphabet ones to spell out sight words or messages. The list of things you can do with food picks in your child’s lunchbox is endless! Why not pop a pack in your order and discover the fun world of Bento with our gorgeous picks and forks. They also make great gifts for birthdays and party bags or Christmas stocking fillers!

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