Superhero is here! Here’s something about a cape and the thought of magical super powers that never goes out of style for lunches.

Regardless of which super hero your child (man-child) is currently in love with, indulge their inner “hero” and make them a Super Hero Lunchbox to show them how special they really are.

Pop! Thwack! KaPow! Chances are your child (and man-child) has a fancy for a superhero and rightly so! Kids love food, and while we dont know what types of foods superheroes like, we can take their logo/colors and use them to inspire foods. Even healthy foods can be themed to fit into a superhero theme with a little creative thinking!

Here are some ideas to keep you covered at lunch time

  • Popcorn
  • Hero shaped sandwiches
  • Fruit Kebabs in the colour of your favourite hero
  • Jelly Cups in your favourite hero colour
  • Devilled eggs – always a favourite for the villians

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