Animal Bread Mold

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This 6-piece set includes 3 cutter/mold set to create bear, rabbit and pig set to make fun and cute bread.

BPA Free
Made in Japan
Imported from Japan

Recipe for Rabbit Bread Buns
(makes about 8-10 bread buns)

Ingredients for bread
bread flour 280g
sugar 36g
egg 25g (*save the remaining egg for egg wash)
milk 140ml
water 20ml
butter 50g
instant dry yeast 1tsp

Method in Bread Maker
(1) Get Bread Maker Read
(2) Add in sieved flour, salt, sugar, egg, and unsalted butter. The pour the milk and water around the sides. Add yeast
(3) Put the bread pan into the main body of the bread maker machine. Close the lid.
(4) Set Bread Maker to make dough (proof once)
(6) When you hear the beep sounds, press ‘Stop’
(6) Remove the bread pan from the bread maker machine and take out the bread dough. Transfer the bread dough to your worktop.
(7) Divide the bread dough into 6-7 even parts, and shape into round balls. Cover with a lint free damp cloth and let it rest for 10 mins.
(8) Roll out the round ball, use the bread mold and cut out the rabbit head.
(9) Repeat for all the bread buns.
(10) Combine the leftover bread buns and try to make 1-2 additional bread buns. Then shape the last bit of surplus into a round bread ball.
(11) After all the character bread is formed, cover and allow the bread buns to ferment and rise for about 45mins until they almost double their original size.
(12) Brush the bread with egg wash and bake them at 170C for about 20mins until nicely brown.

Rabbit Bread Buns Recipe (3)

Picture and recipe courtesy of Little Miss Bento


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