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Why not add a finishing touch to your children’s lunchbox, by popping in super cute Eyes Food Bling.

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Make each lunch you pack unique using the Eye Food Bling!

Why not add a finishing touch to your children’s lunchbox, by popping in super cute Eye Food Bling? The colour and the cuteness that the bling will bring to your child’s meals will be amazing! The most practical reason for using the Eye Food Bling is that your child won’t rush through eating anymore. Having something interesting and creative to keep him busy while eating will slow him down and he will be able to actually enjoy his meal. That is the best thing you can do for your child. Help him give the food a chance to actually taste delicious. He won’t rush back to playing if he has a fun addition to his meal time.

Adding the Eye Food Bling will spark up his creativity and it will be amusing for him to see interesting designs in his lunchbox! Add items that will stimulate your child’s imagination and that will make eating a fun activity for him. It’s easy for a kid to get bored while eating, so make sure to keep him curious! Along with trying new types of food, use the Eye Food Bling as well.

Eye Food Bling is made from food safe plastic and is completely reusable! Just give them a quick wipe down and they’re good to go again. Spooky Eyes are a kid favourite so the children won’t get bored of them!

Add the representation of their favourite toy to their lunchbox! You are guaranteed to find an empty box when he comes back home! He’ll enjoy every bite and he will think of your delicious meals the next time he plays with blocks!

Set of 4 balans for bento in silicone.

Big’s dimensions : 77 x 36mm

Small’s dimensions : 80 x 110 x 30mm

BPA Free

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