Silicone Garden Food Dividers

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These cute garden dividers are made from silicone and are reusable, they allow you to separate foods that you don’t want touching and allow you to pack more food into your child’s lunchbox!

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These awesome Silicone Garden Food Dividers will help you keep an organized lunchbox!

For a lot of picky eaters and children in general it is important that certain food items don’t touch each other. Apart from getting the taste of tomatoes in your rice pudding, or carrots losing their crispiness because they stayed soaked next to the mashed potatoes, the problem of food not being separated is that it takes out of the fun of having a diverse meal. The best thing is that by using the Silicone Garden Food Dividers each food will only taste like it’s supposed to taste. No more grapes that taste like green beans!

These cute garden food dividers are made from silicone and are reusable. They will help you pack a more consistent lunch for your child, since food can be squeezed together. Nothing will get mixed!

The designs are awesome and full of cuteness! Kids will love having them at school! It will be an interesting thing for them to discover at lunch time! The Silicone Garden Food Dividers are very practical and they can save you a lot of trouble with keeping food organized in lunchboxes!

Help your child enjoy his healthy meal just the way he likes it! Keep each item separated by these awesome dividers and he’ll be more eager to eat his lunch. The designs are: leaf, butterfly, flower, musical notes and hearts. Add a drop of colour to any lunch you pack. Or you can use them to organize treat boxes at parties. This way the sweet treats won’t mix with the salty ones! Be creative and these dividers will help you in more than one way!

Set of 5 food dividers made of silicone.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • Leaf: 4.3×4.2 cm
  • Butterfly: 5.7×4 cm
  • Flower: 6.2×4 cm
  • Note: 4×7.7 cm
  • Heart: 4.2×7.8 cm

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