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This 5 pack of multi-purpose Silicone Wrap Bands are perfect for keeping wraps held together in the lunchbox – perfect for a waste free lunchbox!

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This 5 pack of multi-purpose Silicone Wrap Bands are perfect for keeping yummy wraps held together or for holding bundles of carrots sticks and other yummy snacks together in the lunchbox.

You can use them to keep a lunchbox tightly closed while it’s in the lunch bag, so all the food gets intact to lunch time. The Silicone Wrap Bands are absolutely adorable!

This set of 5 contains the themes: green four leaf clover, yellow butterfly, orange bear, pink bunny and purple flower!

The Silicone Wrap Bands are going to be a helpful addition to your lunchbox preparation routine! You can make a little bag of mixed healthy snacks for your child and keep it sealed tightly so they don’t mix in with the meal itself. The possibilities of using these bands are endless!!!

Simply fill your wrap with yummy healthy proteins and salads then roll up your wrap and pop the silicone wrap bands around them and into the lunchbox.

No need for cling film! Wrap bands are perfect for a waste free lunchbox at school – “nude lunches”!

Waste Free Lunchbox Ideas using our favourite tortilla wraps combinations:
Chicken, avocado, lettuce and mayonnaise.
Ham and grated cheese.
Ham, hummus and lettuce.
Salad: Carrot, spinach leaves, red onion, grated cheese, avocado and cucumber.
Tuna, sweetcorn, mayonnaise.
Turkey, red capsicium, spinach leaves and tomato.
Silverside, branston pickle and grated cheese.
Grated carrot, grated cheese and salad cream.
Lettuce, crumbled feta, cucumber, tomato, red capsicum and mayonnaise.
Bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Cooked rice (cold), chopped celery, green capsicum, tomato, grated cheese.
Hard boiled egg, sweetcorn, celery and mayonnaise.

Measurements of Silicone Wrap Bands:
1x 14cm bands
1x 12cm bands
3x 9.5-10cm bands

Made in China

Imported from Japan

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silicone wrap bands

silicone wrap bands used in the EasyLunchboxes

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