Compartment Lunchbox with Neoprene Lunchbag

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Colours Available:
Chevron Pink

24.13cm x 19.05cm x 5.08cm

Holds 1.05 litres approx 4.4 cups

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Our Compartment Lunchbox is a BPA-free, food safe container that has a leak-proof, clip-on lid and an insulated neoprene cover with zipper closure and is microwave and freezer safe.

With our 3 Compartment Lunchbox with Neoprene Lunchbag, your child can lunch or snack on the go in style.

Sandwiches, Wraps, Rolls, Salads, Fruit, Vegetables and thick dips with 4 side clips to make it secure.
Please note that liquid items such as water, oil, juice or liquid dressings (french dressings etc) are not suitable for this lunchbox. Thick dips and yoghurts are perfectly fine.

BPA Free, Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe
Stain-resistant neoprene sleeve may be hand washed and rinsed.

24.13cm x 19.05cm x 5.08cm
Holds 1.05 litres approx 4.4 cups

The masterminds behind these highly convenient lunchboxes have thought of everything that they can improve in order for you to be a satisfied user. And they have done a great job!

A compartment lunchbox is very practical. They have 3 containers that will help you prevent food from mixing. This way you can diversify your child’s meal without having to worry about his crackers getting soggy by the time he gets to eat his lunch. Muffin in one compartment, vegetables and hummus in another with the long compartment perfect for a wrap or sandwich.

The most crazy part of packing a child’s lunch is that no matter how tasty or beautiful you might make it, once it gets to lunchtime, there is no match for the conversation around her or how much time she has to eat at school. Minutes are precious, especially for the young ones. Requiring my six-year-old to open just one container to access everything — instead of opening four or five separate things — means they eats more of their food and a wider variety of foods each day. Plus alot less washing up for you in the evening!

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