Marvel Bento Lunchbox Range

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Styles Available:
Captain America

Height 9 cm, width 10 cm

230 ml (Upper part), 270 ml (Lower part), 500 ml (Total)

Fits all insulated lunchbags

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Sorry Spiderman has been discontinued, Available are Ironman and Captain America.

How kawaii are the Marvel Bento Lunchbox? We have four different Marvel Bento Lunchboxes

There is a hero lying in every one of us! Fill them up thanks to our big sized Marvel Bento lunchboxes for comic lovers. These creative lunchboxes will help your child enjoy each meal you pack. Their trusted hero friends will be there with them to help eat the entire meal. No more leftovers! Even picky eaters will give lunch a try, regardless of the content. You can now introduce them to food that they wouldn’t otherwise try out.

The Two-Tiered Comic Bento Lunchbox:

Captain America and Ironman: now that’s a super kawaii team of heroes! These two-tiered boxes will be great to carry for school lunch. The upper case can be inserted into the lower part once the meal is over, so your child will have more room in his bag. There is also a small fork within the divider, so you don’t need to pack separate cutlery. Secure clip-on lid makes it easy to close and open, making sure the food stays safely inside.

Dimensions approx: Height 9 cm, width 10 cm

Capacity : 230 ml (Upper part), 270 ml (Lower part), 500 ml (Total)

These boxes can be safely put in the microwave (without their upper lid though) and are also dishwasher-safe.

BPA Free

Made In Japan.

Imported from Japan.


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