EasyLunchboxes Snack Box – Classic

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Classic Colours – Blue, Red, Green and Orange.
Each container is 6.6″ x 6″ x 2″.
Each compartment holds 1/2 cup. 


We are getting a very special delivery of the Easylunchboxes Snack Box Containers – in Classic Colour – direct from Easylunchboxes!

Due to the manufacturing date – we expect delivery late September. All orders will be kept up to date with an ETA of arrival.

Easylunchboxes Snack Box Containers (Set of 4) – Classic Colour

NOTE: Lid fit is snug, but not too tight. “Click” on for a tighter seal, or close gently so smaller kids can open independently. NOT LEAKPROOF 
With normal daily usage, you will enjoy your snack boxes for many months. As with all hard plastics, cracks can eventually occur.

  • 4-compartments means lots of variety
  • For kids and adults; school, work, or travel
  • Made from BPA-Free, PP #5 plastic
  • Safe for microwave, freezer, dishwasher
  • Each container is 6.6″ x 6″ x 2″
  • Each compartment holds 1/2 cup
  • The right size for big and little appetites
  • Containers nest together to save space
  • NOT leakproof – avoid liquids or runny food

The size you’ve been looking for! Pack perfect portions of your favorite wholesome snacks. See how these new snack containers compare in size to the larger EasyLunchboxes meal containers.

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Enjoy your Easylunchboxes Snack Box containers for a long time with proper care

In general, the ‘life expectancy’ of the containers and lids – my kids use them daily – is anywhere from 4-12 months, or more (our first set lasted 4 years!), with no cracking. Sure, mystery breakage happens, but the majority of our containers last through months of almost daily use, many last well over a year. Some folks report that theirs are still going strong even after 2 years. Yes, cracks or breakage can happen. Honestly, they’re not indestructible. We wash ours in the dishwasher daily (see below).

Best practices to keep yours looking like new for a long time

Closing the container – Line up the the bottom and top pieces and close gently. Do not force the lid down onto the container so hard that you hear a series of “clicks”. The container will stay closed and the lid will be easy to remove if the lid is NOT “snapped” to the bottom at every point. Not every catch point needs to be engaged for a good fit, and forcing the pieces together at every point can result in breakage. It will also be more difficult to open if you do this.

A tip for the lid – use the tab to lift the lid partly off the tray, but then grip more of the lid to make it easier to get the whole lid off, putting much less stress on the tab and the container itself.Easylunchboxes Snack Box - Little Bento World - Australia

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