Little Lunchbox Co Bento Two – Snackboxes

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Little Lunchbox Co Bento Two:
Capacity – 500ml
Dimensions – 12.3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm
This Lunchbox comes with a divider already – you can purchase extra dividers if you wish.
You can also team the Bento Two up with either our Bento Five or Three for a full day’s meals.
Please note Glitter Lunchboxes are Limited Edition and priced higher due to the way they are designed.



Our Little Lunchbox Bento Two – Snack boxes are the perfect Morning Tea size for those who need a little more than cheese and crackers!

Its compact size makes it easy to pack when you are on the move.

The removable divider allows you to add extra variety separating dry foods within the leakproof compartments.

You can also team the Bento Two up with either our Bento Five or Three for a full day’s meals.

Why choose the Little Lunchbox Co Bento Two?

Little Lunchbox Bento

Don’t pack yoghurt drinks, fruit that will go juicy after it gets warm like watermelon, juices, soups, oil or runny/watery dressings in your Little Lunchbox.

  • The removable and adjustable divider can be used in either of the two compartments allowing the flexibility to separate dry foods of difference shapes and sizes.  Please note the divider does not create a leakproof barrier.
  • Store wet foods* in either of the two leakproof compartments with dry foods in the other without the risk of spoiling.
  • The Bento Two is dishwasher safe (top rack <60 degrees).
  • It is great for the environment and will save you money by allowing you to buy in bulk, saving money and creating much less waste compared to individually packaged food.
  • The fun designs on the outside will make your children eager for meal time to arrive.
  • Because the Bento Two is compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for little hands and a great introduction to Bento lunch boxes.

Little Lunchbox Bento Product Specifications

Capacity – 500ml
Dimensions – 12.3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm

The Little Lunchbox Bento Lunchboxes and Snackboxes seal is designed to stop the transfer of wet foods with the consistency of tub yoghurts (not squeeze packs) and dips, not liquids such as salad dressings, soups or sauces.

Follow these four easy steps to avoid transfer of foods…

We recommend you pack your Little Lunch Box into a cooler bag with a cold pack to keep the contents cool and avoid spoiling

Additional information

Little Lunchbox Co

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