Lunchtime Animal Forks

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The perfect little Lunchtime Animal Forks to pop into your lunch box. 

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These are the perfect little Lunchtime Animal Forks to pop into your lunch box!

If your little one is just starting to use cutlery, then the Lunchtime Animal Forks are the perfect choice for a school lunchbox, or even for a road trip snack box. The forks have rounded edges and tips, so they are specially designed for beginners in the art of eating! The rounded edges will also make it easy for tiny fingers to hold on tight to the forks. These are perfect for kids of any ages!

The Lunchtime Animal Forks come as a set of 15, in  different vibrant colors: Yellow, Blue and Pink! They have the ideal dimension, so they fit snuggly in any regular Bento lunchbox. All you need to do is make sure the kids have a bit of practice before trying out these forks at school. New and fun cutlery will also boost your child’s appetite at first! It’s always exciting to have something new in your lunchbox! You can introduce these forks to the kids when you want them to try out something new. They’ll be more open to new ingredients and flavors if they have something else to focus on! Take advantage of this curiosity and let them try out some new types of veggies.

Rice, pasta, salads, and many other dishes are perfect for the Lunchtime Animal Forks! These forks are awesome as party cutlery as well, thanks to their bright and fun colors! Cut up bite-sized pieces of fruit and make sure you have dipping sauces around! So you can have easy to make, and kid-friendly, snacks that kids can enjoy without getting their fingers messy!

BPA Free

Colours: Yellow, Blue, Pink

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