Star Wars Egg Moulds

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Our Star Wars Egg Moulds are great to use quickly and easily shape a hard boiled eggs!

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Our Star Wars Egg Moulds are great to use quickly and easily shape a hard boiled eggs!

Great for adding a Star Wars twist to kids lunches.

Our Star Wars Egg Moulds are fun, safe, and easy to use!

Made in Japan

Imported from Japan

BPA Free

Busy week planned and wanting to get ahead of school lunches (maybe even your husband’s lunch aswell!). Try boiling a few eggs on Sunday night and popping them into the fridge (in the shell or in their Star Wars Egg Moulds). In the morning just pop it into the lunchbox and they have that little extra protein to get them through the day!

This is one thing I like to do when boiling an egg. One goes in the egg mold for 5 minutes to be eaten straight away – the others (depending on how many I boil) goes in the fridge for the next few days lunches. Eggs in shells and eggs in the egg mold (sealed and not opened again until ready to eat) will last up to 5 days in the fridge.

To make the perfect molded egg, you must use an ‘old’ egg as ‘fresh’ eggs stick to the side. The older the egg, the easier and cleaner it will peel away from the shell.

How to use Star Wars Egg Moulds :

Use Large size eggs.
Hard boil the egg.
Peel away the shells of the egg while still hot (under water is easiest)
Put the hard boiled egg into the mold while an egg is still hot
Cover the mold and lock to create the shape
Wait until the egg becomes cold
Take the egg out of the mold and eat – or pop it (egg in mold) into the lunchbox for a surprise!

Star Wars Egg Moulds

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Star Wars

R2D2, Storm Trooper, C-3PO, Darth Vader


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