Alien Food Picks

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Our set of 8 picks Alien Food Picks with shapes of an Alien, Star, Planet and UFO

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The fun Alien Food Picks will bring your bento lunch box to life!

You need to keep things fun and interesting for your child’s meals. Especially when packing his lunchbox! With the simple gesture of adding the Alien Food Picks you immediately increase the chance of your child giving the meal a chance. Children often rush through their meals because they often see eating as a boring task. If you add even one element of interest and fascination, they will slow down and actually get a chance to enjoy the meal that you’ve prepared. This way you will have a guaranteed empty lunch box when the child comes back from school!

Bento food picks are a fast way to decorate your bento lunches. You can increase the cuteness “kawaii” of your lunchbox, breakfast, dinner and party decorations! Bento food picks are just what they sound like: toothpicks with a decoration on top. The Alien Food Picks offer you an adorable view! Make any meal interesting and even more delicious by making it extra kid-friendly!

The Alien Food Picks are the easiest to use Bento tools and the design will increase the amount of giggles at the dinner table for sure! Use them for enhancing the food decorations at your themed party! It’s a great way to save some money with reusable cute decorations. Let the kids decide where to put them and make them a part of the party planning! They will be very excited to help you!

Alien Food Picks make eating easier for picky eaters as well. As long as they have something creative and out of the ordinary to focus on, they will give any new food at least one try. And usually that is what it takes: just one try! Enjoy the benefits of using decorated food picks! Kids will try out new types of vegetables, appetizers, fruits and many others! Just give them healthy options and enhance their view of the food with these awesome food picks! You won’t regret it!

Our set of 8 picks comes with shapes of an Alien, Star, Planet and UFO!

Made of plastic ABS

About 5,5 cm long

Not microwave safe

Made in China

Imported from Japan

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Weight .020 g


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