Long Sushi Maker and Nori Cutter

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Our Long Sushi Maker is a great alternative to sandwiches!! 

Using the Long Sushi Maker and the Nori Cutter you will have no problem making this delicious side dish.

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Make the most adorable Long Sushi’s with our Long Sushi Maker!

This method will help you create a cute design for your rice ball. Everyone who loves sushi will be excited to go to school with their new delicious friends. Pack a lunch that contains the long sushi and you have a guarantee that your child will come home with an empty lunchbox.

Using the Long Sushi Maker and the Nori Cutter you will have no problem making this delicious side dish.

It’s easy and convenient to use. You don’t need special carving methods or tools. You just need to want to make them.

It is so quick and simple to make – use the absorption method to make the perfect rice – 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups of water. Just pop the rice into the mold and push it out! Cut your Nori (seaweed) with the Nori Cutter and get the children to place the face onto your rice ball. It’s going to be a fun activity and you can make as many as you want. It’s extremely fun for children and even picky eaters will give your rice balls a try. Use condiments or natural food colouring to make coloured rice balls look even more kid-friendly.

Rice is an affordable and healthy staple so the fact that your kid loves rice is going to be a big plus for your budget. Make meals interesting for your child and let him help you with cooking. This Long Sushi Maker is easy to use even for children. Just be around to supervise him.

You get the Long Sushi Maker and nori cutter– use these on Seaweed, Ham or Cheese!

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