Pocket Sandwich Cutter Range

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The Pocket Sandwich Cutter range is a two-part sandwich maker/cutter. Choose from four different designs.

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We love the Pocket Sandwich Cutter range – helps those with squishy fillings in their sandwich to not leak everywhere!

Choose from Clover, Heart, Round and Square shapes.

The Pocket Sandwich Cutter Range is a two-part sandwich maker/cutter.

Fill with Tuna Mayo, Coronation Chicken, Baked Beans (drain juice), Egg Mayo etc as the sandwich is “sealed” you will have no leakage.

A great way to make quick toasties is to use the cutters and then pop under a sandwich toaster to make quick toasties!

How to use it?
To make a sandwich with two pieces of soft bread, making sure the filling is in the middle and doesn’t extend all the way to the edges of the bread.

Put the sandwich in between the two parts, and press hard.

You’ll get a sandwich that is sealed all around the edges, which can be eaten as-is or lightly toasted in a sandwich press. (You can also try toasting the bread before cutting it if you don’t have a sandwich press.)

You can also try folding a single slice of bread in half and sealing the edges.

Dimensions: The cutter parts are approx 115 × 210 × 44 mm

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Weight .200 g

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