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Colours: Neptune Blue, Cannes Blue, Bijoux Purple and Cherie Pink
Capacity: Large food well is 3/4 cup, small food well is 1/3 cups plus dip well
15cm wide x 10cm deep x 5cm high.

Fits all insulated lunchbags 
An alternative Leakproof Snackbox is the Little Lunchbox Bento Two



The Yumbox MiniSnack Includes exterior box and tray insert with adorable illustrations.

Yumbox MiniSnack Colours: Ami Green, Cherie Pink, Ciel Blue
: Large food well is 3/4 cup, small food well is 1/3 cups plus dip well
Dimensions: 15cm wide x 10cm deep x 5cm high.

Don’t pack yogurt drinks, soups, oil or runny/watery dressings in your Yumbox.

Dishwasher safe – Instructions:
The warranty does not cover warped Yumboxes as a result of dishwasher’s being too hot.
Yumbox is dishwasher safe at a maximum temperature 65C/149F.
Top rack only.
We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle.
Please be careful with the Glow in the Stars Case in the dishwasher we advise you to handwash

The Yumbox MiniSnack is a great container for morning tea or after school snacks.

The Yumbox MiniSnack comes in 5 great colours and is LEAKPROOF!

Yumbox MiniSnack Green

The pre-portioned illustrated tray makes it easier for you to pack a nutritious, energy packed, complete meal. You will be able to prepare a balanced lunch for yourself, or for children. Yes, you can pack it for yourself too; even though the leakproof bento lunch box from Yumbox MiniSnack is a kid friendly item, it can help you fill morning tea with all of the key food groups as well.

At the moment Yumbox MiniSnack is leakproof bento lunch box is one of the all time favorite leakproof food containers in Australia. The safety that it offers, from drips and unwanted stains, has made it one of the best.

The Yumbox MiniSnack is pre-divided into portions, that illustrate the main food groups that a person needs in their diet: fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy, with a place for a treat or delicious dip. So the leakproof bento lunch box from Yumbox MiniSnack will help you figure out the portion sizes and components of a healthy lunch for your child. And it will be hard to refuse a healthy lunch when the lunch box has such a great look.

One of the best things about these lunch boxes is that they are leakproof! So no more drips, stains, mixing flavors, or having cereal treats with ranch dressing. Every item stays in their compartment, so you can take yoghurt, custard or jelly with you for your lunch.

How is that possible?

The Yumbox’s unique single lid seals all food compartments individually so everything stays in its place. No more soggy crackers!

Features include:

High quality, super durable BPA free food safe materials

Leakproof system

Designed to hold wet foods (not liquids)

Bento style pre portioned compartments to keep food separated

Lightweight and compact with an easy-open latch

Fun design and illustrations

Compact and easy to fit in standard size lunch bags

Easy to clean

The lunch box is BPA Free and measures approx 15cm wide x 10cm deep x 5cm high and it fits into all Little Bento World’s Insulated Lunchbags.

The Yumbox MiniSnack – Australia’s Leakproof Bento Lunch Box in Snack Size is environmentally friendly and encourges you to think twice about the eating habits you are giving your child.

Although Yumbox is leakproof and is designed to hold wet food, it cannot do the same with liquids. So be careful and follow these 4 easy steps to make sure you enjoy the full benefits of this product:

1) Do not overfill compartments (an overfilled compartment could cause another to leak as well);

2) Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, applesauce and yogurts;

3) Keep contents cool by adding an ice pack to your lunch bag;

4) When closing Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal.

Don’t pack yogurt drinks, soups or runny/watery dressings. These will not be contained in their set compartment.

Pack foods with the consistency of ranch dressing, ketchup, chunky salsas, hummus, yoghurt, and veggie dips.  Some oily vinaigrette may leak out of the dip compartment as well.

One trick that can help keep vinaigrettes in place is to dress the salad and top it with a few croutons. The croutons will absorb excess oil/liquid and keep the vinaigrette from seeping into a neighboring compartment.

If you are not sure if your food choice is too liquid to pack, we suggest that you conduct a quick test before sending your child to school with that food. You wouldn’t want any unfortunate events to happen.

Simply add the test food to a compartment, close Yumbox properly and give it a good shake (or leave it on its side for 10 min.). Set Yumbox back to normal position and open to see the results.

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