Duck Soy Sauce Bottles

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These cute little duck soy sauce bottles are fantastic to pop into the lunchbox with a little soy sauce or salad dressing.

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The Duck Soy Sauce Bottles are absolutely adorable and very practical for packing a delicious complete meal.

It’s hard to have delicious salad at work or at school, since dressing is hard to pack in a lunchbox, and the pre-made type that comes in small portions always costs a fortune, besides the ingredients are pretty complicated. Now you can just skip this problem and use the Duck Soy Sauce Bottles!

They can store small portions of soy sauce or salad dressing that you can make at home. Make sure you make it perfect for your taste or for your child’s taste. The dressing should always be slightly more acidic than you want it, so when you add it to your lunch salad, it has an exciting taste, rather than it being bland and tasteless.

These Duck Soy Sauce Bottles can be life savers for people that love having added flavour to their salads. If you add the dressing in the morning, before work or classes, by lunch time you will have a mushy salad and the ingredients aren’t going to be crisp anymore. Solve the problem with this adorable solution.

Designs: 1x pink duck, 1x white duck and 1x yellow duck. You get a small pump to get the dressing inside and they will be ready to use. The lids will hold the dressing in the bottle so you don’t have to worry about stains or spills.

They are great for children and adults. Kids will definitely love them and use them all the time. Just help them make a delicious dressing and they will happy to put them in their lunchbox.

Capacity : abt. 4 ml *For Each

BPA Free

Made in China

Imported from Japan

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