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This soy sauce bottles are fantastic to pop into the lunchbox with a little soy sauce or salad dressing.

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You can now experience the true meaning of convenience with our Soy Sauce Bottles! Make sure that your lunch, or your child’s lunch, will never taste bland ever again!

We often have a fear of packing liquid ingredients, or even oily ones, because these can make a mess really fast and even ruin a lunch bag completely! Nothing worse than having a garlic oil infused lunch bag!

These Soy Sauce Bottles are fantastic to pop into the lunchbox with a little soy sauce or salad dressing!

Now you can get rid of that problem using the Mini Soy Sauce Bottles! These little condiment bottles can be used to intensify the flavour of your delicious lunch. You can avoid losing the crispiness of your salad. This would happen if you would dress it before going to work. All the ingredients will stay fresh and crisp if you dress your salad right before you eat your lunch! Easy and delicious!

The Mini Soy Sauce Bottles can be filled with soy sauce, salad dressing, lemon juice, or anything you can think of, that has a similar consistency to those mentioned. No worries about stains, spilling or having to take condiments in their original larger containers. These Mini Soy Sauce Bottles have the perfect capacity of one delicious serving size of condiments. 

The bottles come with 4 different colours so you can remember what’s in each of them if you pack them for a picnic! It’s all about making life easier for you with easy to use accessories!

If you have several children you can let them pick their favourite colour and then you’ll know what condiment to pack for each child. They are fun to use and they help you add flavour to your meal right before you eat. No need for extra mess!

Dimensions: 11.3 x 8 x 1.5
BPA Free
Made from Plastic

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