Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap lunchbox every term!

Going for the cheaper option is always quick and easy.

However you will be replacing those lunchboxes every semester or even every term! This is why you need to invest in a decent lunchbox that will suit your child for the next few years! You also can not guarantee they are actually BPA free and safe for your children to eat out of.

Saving money, the environment and your sanity!

Choosing the right lunchbox from Little Bento World is easy!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do they like nibbles? Choose a 5-6 compartment lunchbox like the Yumbox Original or Little Lunchbox Co 5 compartment .

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutters Lunch Punch

Do they like just a sandwich and fruit/veges? Choose a 3-4 compartment lunchbox like the Yumbox Panino or Easylunchboxes or Little Lunchbox 3 compartment.