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 Leakproof Lunchboxes and Bento Accessories in Australia

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Little Bento World’s passion and specialty is to support and encourage parents to create healthy meals for the whole family.

Our range of popular lunchboxes in Australia like the Leakproof Yumbox, EasyLunchboxes, Leakproof Lunchboxes, Sandwich Cutters, Reusable Yoghurt Pouches, Rice Molds, Egg Moulds and accessories that will help you encourage your children to eat healthy meals.
Our products will help you create school lunches that are “waste free” and bring excitement to their lunchtime.

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I just need to look at these and get caught up in how cute they will look on a strawberry or tomato!


Top Lunchbox Tips⠀ Ham Wrap Rollups - using hummus instead of butter makes a much healthier lunch!


A no-bake, healthy recipe perfect for all the conscious eater out there! Also, perfect for storing in the freezer, until ready to consume! 😉😍💯


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You will never have to eat boring egg, AGAIN! 😍 Our Car and Fish Egg Mold is one of the most popular bento tools! 😉⠀ ⠀ Hard boil your egg, quickly peel and put into this mold – the egg will mold into the desired shape! Great for rice and jelly too! 😍


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I love muffins! But what makes it better? If it is a carrot, apple and yoghurt muffins! 😉 You'll love this for sure! Get the full recipe below and TRY it now! 👇😉❤️️


Our Re-Play cups are made from recycled milk jugs! ⠀ Dishwasher safe and BPA Free. ⠀ Match these up with our other Re-Play dinnerware like the Divider Plates and Bowls. ⠀ ⠀


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Heart, Star and Flower Picks are a great little set to have in your kitchen drawer!


Do your girls do Brownies? We started almost 2 years ago after needing to find an after school activity to help with my daughters anxiety. We’ve found it to be amazing! Love the friends she’s made, she loves the activities, camps and earning badges! Definitely the after school activity for her!