With over 1500 school lunches to make in your child’s primary school life. You need to come up with a few alternatives when it comes to sandwiches fillings!

We have devised a list of our favourites in a easy Printable for you to print out and pop on your fridge at home!

Download your Sandwich Filling Printable HERE


Sandwich Fillings Ideas:

Avocado and Cream Cheese
Avocado and Tuna
Avocado, smoked salmon and brie
Bacon and Egg
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
Banana and Honey
BBQ Chicken and Cheese
BBQ Chicken and Coleslaw
BBQ Chicken and Salad
BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Lettuce
BBQ Chicken, Celery and Avocado
BBQ Chicken, Mayonnaise, Lettuce and grated carrot
BBQ Sauce and Pulled Pork
BBQ Sauce, and Roast Beef
Chicken Satay, Red Onion, Cucumber and Lettuce
Chicken Schnitzel, Lettuce and Tomato
Chorizo, Baby Spinach and Tomato Chutney
Coronation Chicken (BBQ Chicken, Curry Powder, Mayonnaise & Raisins)
Cottage Cheese and ham
Cream Cheese and Porsciutto
Cream Cheese, Tomato, Bacon and Lettuce
Cucumber and Egg Mayonnaise
Curried Egg (Mayonnaise and Curry Powder)
Egg and Mayonnaise
Fairy Bread
Grated Carrot, Cheese, Raisins and Mayonnaise
Grated Carrot, Honey, lettuce and raisins
Grated Carrot, Lettuce and Ham
Grated Cheese and Branston Pickle
Grated Cheese, Carrot and Salad Dressing
Ham and Cheese
Ham and Coleslaw
Ham Salad with Mayonnaise
Ham, Avocado and Cottage Cheese
Ham, Egg and Mayonnaise
Ham, Lettuce and Tomato
Honey and Sliced Cheese
Hummus and Ham
Hummus, Ham and Sliced Cheese
Hummus, Mozzarella and Tomato
Lettuce, Silverside, Sliced Cheese, Tomato
Meatball Sub
Piccalilli, Ham and Sliced Cheese
Roast Beef and Coleslaw
Roast Beef and Branston Pickle
Sausage and Tomato Sauce
Sausage, Tomato and Sliced Cheese
Silverside and Mustard
Silverside, Cream Cheese and Baby Spinach
Steak and Caramelised Onion
Tomato, Beetroot and Cheese
Traffic Light (Tomato, Corn Relish, Cheese and Lettuce)
Tuna and Mayonnaise
Tuna, Celery, Mayonnaise, Lettuce
Tuna, Grated Cheese and Salad Dressing
Tuna, Sweet Chilli, Cream Cheese, Cucumber and Baby Spinach
Tuna, Sweet Corn and Mayonnaise
Tuna, Sweet Corn, Red Pepper, Red Onion and Mayonnaise
Turkey and Coleslaw
Turkey and cranberry sauce
Vegemite and Sliced Cheese